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dc.contributor.authorM. Ledra-
dc.contributor.authorN. Tabet-
dc.description.abstractThe electron beam induced current (EBIC) collection efficiency η of a circular nano Schottky contact of radius rc perpendicular to the electron beam was simulated using a Monte Carlo (MC) algorithm. The EBIC was obtained by simulating the random diffusion and collection of the minority carriers that are generated at point-like sources Si randomly distributed within the generation volume. The profile of the EBIC collection versus the distance to the nanocontact is simulated for two extreme values of the free surface recombination velocity vs (vs=0 and vs=∞). The dependence of the maximum value of the collection efficiency ηmax, obtained as the electron beam impinges the surface at the centre of the nanocontact, was simulated as a function of radius rc. In addition, the variation of ηmax versus the incident beam energy was obtained.en_US
dc.subjectelectron beam induced current; EBIC; nanocontact; Monte Carlo simulation; collection efficiencyen_US
dc.titleElectron beam induced current at a Schottky nanocontacten_US
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