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Title: Monte Carlo simulation of the EBIC grain semiconductors
Authors: N. Tabet
M. Ledra
Keywords: Electron beam induced current; Grain boundaries; Semiconductors
Issue Date: 19-May-2014
Abstract: The electron beam induced current (JZBIC) recombination contrast of grain boundaries (GB) is calculated by means of a Monte Carlo simulation algorithm. After considering a pointlike generation source, a three-dimensional distribution of pointlike sources is simulated and used to calculate the EBIC profiles across the grain boundary. In both cases, we observe a saturation of the maximum EBIC contrast as the carrier lifetime within the GB decreases. The results show, for a three dimensional electron probe, a linear dependence of the contrast on the GB width. In addition, extrapolated values of the maximum contrast obtained for a zero width GB are in good agreement with that calculated by analytical models.
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