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Title: حالات الاستعجال المستحدثة في ظل قانون الإجراءات المدنية والإدارية
Authors: بوالانوار مراد
حسينة شرون
Issue Date: 19-May-2014
Abstract: Elimination of urgency is the means to access and obtain legal protection that can not be achieved with follow the normal procedures of litigation as a result of the availability of conditions pose a threat to the rights of litigants, giving Algerian legislature judge Aladera emergency broad powers in Atkhada procedures urgency stipulated by the Civil Procedure Act represented in the procedure for Balandar preview, CDA receivership and problematic, and also cases emergency set forth in the Code of Civil Procedure and Administrative new 09/08 and actress in the protection of fundamental freedoms and the state of urgency regarding the arrest of an administrative decision, and cases of extreme urgency, the judge emergency powers belong to the cases provided for in special laws, and in emergency cases before contractual, CDA in Mbacherth to suit the through Atkhada emergency provisional measures, and urgency in material contracts and Article tax, In Article Altsepik the financial. And from the judge administrative urgency discretion in Atkhada some measures emergency, even though they are temporary and not permanent, action necessary and Dalk under protection as a source of protection orders and as a judge for urgent matters, the goal of having measures of urgency before the administrative judge is to achieve control over the work of the Department The adoption of the principle of legality and protection of the rights and legal status of the litigants and by following simplified procedures and fast.
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