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Title: معضلة تأويل النّصوص المقدّسة مقاربة معرفية في الهرمنيوطيقا التوراتية والإنجيلية
Authors: منصور, أمـال
Issue Date: 28-Dec-2013
Abstract: This study is build on the belief that religion does not become a ready gift for humans. Rather, it became an experiment ready to be re-examined. It is an experience that does not need more arguments to assure belief , but an experiment to clarify the uncertainities of legislation, finding a text to issues on which there are no texts. It is also a change in the way we look at inspiration. Therefore, the biblical and the evangelic revelation are now a space for legislation, legislation not for disordering religion but it is a pure and strict research to find out truth. This legislation has drawn a geat interpretation in the religious culture, what is called hermeneutics.
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