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Title: دور مجلس الدولة في إرساء مبادئ الاجتهاد القضائي الإداري
Authors: حياة علالي
حسينة شرون
Issue Date: 19-May-2014
Abstract: Adopt the Algerian legislature system duplication of judicial work from which to dedicate a set of principles administrative jurisdictions. However, these principles are in fact constitutional principles enshrined in the Constitution of Algeria in many materials, except the principle of impartiality of the judge who sees most of the scholars that is required in the judicial work recipe lieutenant him he does not need to text determined and prove its existence judge binding neutrality, even if he does not have the constitution or fundamental law to eliminate it, however, this did not prevent the Algerian legislature from establishing this principle in life judiciary through constitutional provisions and the provisions in the Basic Law of the Judiciary and other law civil and administrative proceedings. it is noted that these principles are of paramount importance in the Algerian judicial system where it can not be the only focus or rely on inter following principles. It is very useful to note that some researchers mentioned principles other than principles referred to in advance. And it has uncovered through the study of many of shortcomings, including the lack of adequate interpretations to devote to these principles, so there Habmaloueckon no administrative jurisprudence embodies these principles on the ground. Give her adequate safeguards to promote it more.
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