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Title: A case study of a concrete bridge and corrosion phenomenon
Authors: Guettala, A.
Abibsi, A.
Keywords: Corrosion; Degradation; Diagnosis; Latex resin; Maintenance; Repair.
Issue Date: 21-May-2013
Abstract: Certain concrete structures remain in an excellent condition elfter more than one century of exposure to particularly severe climatic conditions. This article describes the diagnosis carried out on the degradation of a reinforced concrete bridge put into service only 15 years ago, as well as the follow up after repairs. The principle causes of the acceleration of its degradation are highlighted. The stages of repair and performance of the structure following this are discussed. The importance of maintenance and regular inspection of concrete structures is highlighted. Link 33644699014&origin=resultslist&sort=plff& src=s&imp=t&sid=910D20F9FC5C03866AAC9DEF15E43949.aXczxbyuHHiXgaIW6Ho7g%3a150&sot =inw&sdt=a&sl=40&s=AUID% 28%22Guettala%2c+Abdelhamid%22+9736572400%29&relpos=5&relpos=5&citeCnt=0&searchTe rm=AU-ID%28%5C%26quot%3BGuettala%2C+Abdelhamid%5C%26quot%3B+9736572400%29
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