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Title: Natural ageing of earth stabilized concrete
Authors: Guettala, A
Houari, H
Abibsi, A
Issue Date: 21-May-2014
Abstract: Different stabilizers can be added to earth in order to improve its strenght and durability. In this work, four additions have been made: cement, lime, cement plus lime and cement plus resin and then evaluated by various laboratory tests. A performance of test structures erected at Biskra University was evaluated in real climatic conditions. Even though the artificial simulation is often imperfect, it yields information about the manner by which the climatic factors interact. However, experimentation in natural real climatic conditions imposes itself to validate the results of the socalled accelerated ageing tests. Link neralSearch&qid=3&SID=U1LlS2LUIj38alS36Mg&page=1&doc=10&cacheurlFromRightClick=no
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