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Title: المعرفة بين انقسام الرؤى الغربية وتكامل الرؤية الإسلامية
Authors: بلغيث, سلطان
Issue Date: 28-Dec-2013
Abstract: philosophers about the role of both the mind and the senses in the production of humanknowledge ،there are thosewho tend to the role of the mind ،and thereis more likely the role of the senses ،whileanother team calls to combine the two as the substantive knowledgecanbegainedonlyPtzafar the role of the mind and the sensesHowever ،the reason and the senses no matter how important ، however ،that the knowledge of the developmentswhichremainincomplete as itfocuses on the world of the certificate and ignore the unseen world ،whichled to schoolintegration ، which calls for a combination of Hidayat of reason ،experience and revelation. This study will attempt to provide reading on this subject in the light of the evidence and arguments offered by supporters of the foundation's vision Abestmologip to the subject of knowledge.
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