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Title: العلة والحكمة وعلاقتهما بمقاصد التشريع الإسلامي
Authors: بن حرز الله, عبد القادر
Issue Date: 28-Dec-2013
Abstract: Some legislative texts contain many causes and goals of legislative acts . This was by higher and clear ways of signification, which is the context and the indications as it is detailed by the Usulscholars . But this genre of causes is restricted on some requirements and prohibitions . So what are the limits of relationship between the Usulian causes –as a pillar of comparison- and the divine goals of legislation? Especially that it is firstly thought that they are interrelated notionalyspeaking . What is the relation between the cause and the goal and aim? Aren’t they similar? Can we investigate this relation to clarify the different sides of the legislative goals, so that, when we know the cause of an act this will lead us directly to its legislative goal .
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