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Title: تماثلات الأخر في الرواية الجزائرية ذات التعبير الفرنسي (الأرض والدم)(ريح السموم) نموذجا
Authors: بتقـه, سليم
Issue Date: 28-Dec-2013
Abstract: The theme of another in Arabic novel in general and the Algerian novel in particular is not merely a matter of fiction, but a cultural problem, which novelists have found such rich material to discuss their views .The vision based on the cultural consciousness is a vision that tries to understand and increase the pace of questions, and that is our common story in Algeria. If the Algerian novels that have covered the subject of the other have put emphasis on man,we try to concentrate on the other is a woman, a vision that seeks to sort out the type of relationship between me and the another.
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