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Title: اللامركزية الإدارية ودورها في التنمية المحلية
Authors: صفاء عثمان
Issue Date: 25-May-2014
Abstract: The administrative decentralization one of the methods used to manage the administrative organization so as to reduce the burden on the shoulders of the central government and meet quickly the needs of citizens in local areas and that, considering that administrative decentralization bring the administration closer to the citizen and facilitate him spend his belongings without complications and Lengthy routine, all with one goal, continuous and intentional, a local development and that in order to achieve comprehensive development. The local development achieved by People intensify efforts and the government's efforts, and this is what is the role of administrative decentralization in the provision of investment opportunities through supporting and providing the Appropriate climate for both foreign and domestic investment, both by ease the tax burden or provide other incentives. Also to realize the local development, the Administrative decentralization has an active role through the entrusted mandate toits structures(state, Municipality) both in the reduction of unemployment by encouraging the private sector and small and medium-sized enterprises and support the agricultural sector. .....
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