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Title: الشروط السياسية للتنمية في البلدان العربية -دراسة حالة-
Authors: عبد الحق حملاوي
د. فوزي نور الدين
Issue Date: 26-May-2014
Abstract: This reasearch treats the possibility of undertaking the managment of the government matter in the arabic states and to realize the economic development by symbolizing a set of political mechanizms such as contribition, transparency, reign of law…, and that is from the perspective of good governance application which declares the good management and the seriousness of the government manner of interacting with the society and its members basing on the conversation between the governor and the individials. That also means the management of the state’s economic, political and social resources according to the rules of law and what it contains of people’s rights and public interest. This reasearch also stands on the development fact in Algéria and the state’s essorts in the establishment of the good governance mechanizmsand the main handicap that faces this later,and the main demands to go beyond it to insure an efficient development, that realizes a persistent economic promotion
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