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Title: اقتصاديات البيوتكنولوجيا: خفاء وعبث معركة تلوث
Authors: بلعربي, عبد الحفيظ
Issue Date: 28-Dec-2013
Abstract: Biotechnology industry is loaded with controversial issues regarding the hidden battle of new forms of pollution envisaged in the agricultural sector in which the industry is operating. Most importantly, are the newly apparent health problems related to its genetically altered products and the nature of monopolistic market power within which the biotechnology industry is developing. The paper aims at addressing the issues of biotechnology economics with respect to the supply of the industry, the market structure and the engendered price formation of the industry are discussed, where some firms are resolving their problems within the WTO coulisses at the detriment of developing countries interests. The ethical values within the industry are tackled to reveal the fierce competition among giant firms of biotechnology extending from the seed production stage to product manufacture and marketing processes.
Description: جامعة الزيتونة- الأردن
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