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Title: تأثير الضغوطات الممارسة من الاتحاد الأوربي على السياسة العامة التركية
Authors: جوامع اسماء
أ.جدو فؤاد
Issue Date: 26-May-2014
Abstract: The Turkish Public Policy-Making process have witnessed several conflicts between the different political factors that tried to use the Turkish aim to join Europe- which always have been the biggest vision of the Turkish leadership’s agenda & the main guideline of the Turkish policy-in order to gain control of the Turkish political platform. Hence, The Eu’s seeking aim to be a vital factor in establishing democracy around the world, took advantage of the Turkish desire by imposing couple of terms; But With The Justice & Development party taking place in the government , It have done great efforts to fit the Eu’s criteria’s , was clearly reflexed in the NEW TURKISH PUBLIC POLICY. Hence, Turkey is facing a number of tough challenges, defined by many internal variables. That’s why turkey is demanded in the upcoming future; as a state and civil society organizations to implement democracy within and to give importance to its social fabric, and the relation between its organizations in order to evaluate them using solid and integrate criteria’s & maintaining economic leadership & political sustainability permanently for strategic means.
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