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Title: Approach geometry/image for rendering forest in real time
Authors: Abbas Fayçal
Babahenini Med Chaouki
Keywords: Image-based rendering, Natural scenes, Real-time rendering, L-system, Billboards.
Issue Date: 27-May-2013
Abstract: Representation and visualization of a forest in real time is a difficult task, the main difficulty of this problem is the complexity, forest scenes contain a very large quantity of small details difficult to model, expensive to make and require very large amount of memory. The goal of our research is to present an approach for modeling and rendering of natural objects that must be used to bypass the obstacle of the geometric complexity and provide simple model for the creation of natural structures. Our work focuses on trees that represent the forest. To simplify the complexity of the scene, the trees from a distance are represented by billboards (single, cross, ...) for tree views near, we propose an hybrid model between billboards and L-systems, where we separate the tree into two separate trunks and branches are represented by an L-system grammar and leaves are represented by billboards, this increases the realism of nearly trees from the point of view. Link
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