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Title: تقنيات التمويل قصيرة الأجل للصادرات
Authors: شربي, محمد الأمين
Issue Date: 28-Dec-2013
Abstract: The development of exports is considered to be a necessity for the economy of every country. These exports play a significant role in contemporary economics because of their effect on the trade balance, balance of payments, as well as the Gross National Income.The exports have imposed themselves on the international economy, especially as a result of the changes in the economic fields regarding the application of the regulations of the World Trade Organization on one hand, and facing the regional economic blocs on the other.Therefore, we can see clearly the importance of development and advancement of exports which may be done by opening new foreign markets of export, a process that cannot be made without supporting the exporters and the establishments concerned with exporting products, which can be achieved through designing new policies and incentives such as financing the exports.The financing of exports method cannot be useful and beneficial unless it focuses on the export of national products instead of local consumption, which implies that a major role must be played by the banks and financial institutions which have to provide financial loans that would encourage financing of exports to both exporters and importers, and eventually will lead to the success of exporting
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