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Title: تطور الجريمة وإستراتيجية معالجتها
Authors: رويمل, نوال
Issue Date: 28-Dec-2013
Abstract: Crime is a social phenomenon, linked to the society, flows from it and happens in it. There is no society empty of crime which contains hurt and assault on others and transgression of laws. Crimes are done for several reasons which infect a person and directs him to commit crime. Therefore, societies have toiled to find a strategy to treat crime. The development of this strategy is linked to the development of the society view to criminal and the reasons of punishments. So, historically, the strategy has passed in several stages, and several institutions has had the responsibility to treat crime among them Police, court, and Prison institutions which work together to establish an efficient strategy to face crime in society but prison is considered the important institution because it is the cradle to rehabilitate, correct criminal’s behavior and readapt them with society and as result to keep them away from criminal behavior which has a bad impact on people and on social climate as all. n the past, the strategy applied was suppressive concerned with the application of punishment and testify the execution and also to force laws which society believed in them. From 18 century, the strategy which has been applied was repressive, a closed area to isolate criminals from society. In the contrary, at the present time, many proficient and researchers are concerned to establish an efficient strategy to treat crimes based on prevention and treatment.
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