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Title: Un Framework pour la gestion et l’interaction des processus métiers intra et inter entreprises
Authors: OUAAR Hanane
Keywords: Business process, Monitoring, MDA, BSC, Agility.
Issue Date: 5-Jun-2014
Abstract: The management and the interaction of a set of local business process (intra enterprise) and public (inter enterprises), is a very delicate task within Web opened companies or inter connected with other companies. In order to execute a better management of the interaction that appeared inside and around the companies, we propose the creation of an intern business process to the company oriented to monitoring, which permits the control and the manipulation of all process trace for its direction and its objectives. This approach is based on integration of MDA architecture with BSC method, for which perspectives are transformed. This integration is constituted as a life cycle as a coherent Y. our framework aims to guarantee agility propriety. Finally, to validate the proposed approach, we exploited an ensemble of different software tools in e-Banking use case.
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