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Title: Une Approche Agent Mobile pour la QoS dans les Réseaux Mobiles Ad hoc
Authors: Maqbol Ahmed
Keywords: QoS, mobile ad hoc networks, mobile agent, protocol of routing with QoS, cluster, component
Issue Date: 5-Jun-2014
Abstract: The mobile ad hoc networks are organized networks car which are not based on any infrastructure defined as a preliminary to communicate. The devices belonging to such networks are equipped with a range of limited transmission and the packages of data can cross different multiples apparatuses before arriving at their destination. In addition, they are generally of small cuts (portable PC, PDA.) from where constraints of resources term of memory and batteries. The additional challenges such as the frequent change of topology and the limited resources of network are to be raised in the design of model and/or protocol of routing to improve quality of service (QoS). To meet the problem of quality of service in the ad hoc mobile networks and the need for adaptation dynamic, we propose a model containing mobile agent for a hierarchical and flexible management of QoS. The model adopts on the organization of the network on three levels (level node, level group, and level network) where the management of quality of service is ensured by the co-operation of the three levels. The level node makes it possible to manage and evaluate the resources of the node (energy, the load of CPU and Memoir, the degree of node, the band-width, and the average of mobility). The level of group ensures the interactions between the nodes inside the same group to manage the various functions locally. Obtaining better QoS on the level of group or terminal does not mean obligatorily better QoS on the level of the network, therefore, it is necessary to put adequate mechanisms to manage the interactions between the various groups. The mobile agent is one of these mechanisms important which can be used for the actualization of the roads, the reduction of the overhead generated by the exchange of the messages of control and can offer a better output. Thus, we employ our model to propose a new protocol of routing invite PRAM (Protocol of Routing containing Mobile Agent) in order to improve quality of service for the ad hoc networks. The realization of model suggested under the platform of mobile agent Aglet was led to show the mobile agent effectiveness for quality of service in the mobile ad hoc networks.
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