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Title: Une approche basée agent pour le processus génération d'ontologie de domaine
Authors: BARKAT Abdelbasset
Keywords: Automatic ontology construction, ontology, concept formel, Formal Concept Analysis , Relationnal Concept Analysis
Issue Date: 5-Jun-2014
Abstract: An ontology is an explicit specification of a conceptualization, the term is often linked with the Semantic Web which is a new version of the current web aims to make web resources accessible by software agents to facilitate their use, ontologies are used as representations of formalized knowledge to annotate web resources and are also used in communication between the computer system. The role of ontologies is very important, but unfortunately their construction is expensive, this is why we think of the enormous amount of information available in text format to use it for automate the process of building ontology, and since we deal with texts, we should think about the NLP(), which considered as the basic on ontology construction from text. To accomplish this goal we proposed an agent-based approach to build ontology from text, and we implemented a multi-agent system guided by this approach, which start from a set of textual documents gives us a formal ontology in form of OWL. We chose here to use the two formals techniques Formal Concept Analysis FCA and Relational Concept Analysis RCA to move from the syntactic level to the semantic level.
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