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Title: Texturation et déformation interactive de nuages de points
Authors: Ali BEDDIAF
Keywords: point-based rendering, texturing, interactive deformation
Issue Date: 6-Jun-2014
Abstract: With the ever increasing of scenes complexity, and technological progress, it appears that the use of meshes for rendering geometric primitives has become less and less attractive compared to the direct manipulation of points. Given that, at rendering time, the treatment traditionally made on the scene geometry, such as hidden faces removal, become very expensive when the scene is very complex. A new paradigm for 3D computer graphics, called point-based rendering (PBR) emerged in the field of computer graphics. The principle of this paradigm is to model 3D objects in the scene like a cloud of points without an explicit connectivity and generate an image by a simple projection of this points, combined with techniques to "fill" potential holes between the projected points to give an impression of continuous surface. One of the main advantages of the PBR is that easily allows to include a multi-resolution representation of objects (coarse representation when the object is away, and more detailed representation when the object is closer).......
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