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Title: Découverte des services dans les systèmes d'information géographiques répartis sous réseau ad-hoc
Authors: REZEG khaled
Keywords: Catalog, Semantic discovery, ISO 19119, Metadata, Ontology, User profile, quality, Geospatial Web Service, Multi-agents systems
Issue Date: 6-Jun-2013
Abstract: The actual geographic information systems today provide access to a large number of heterogeneous and distributed sources. The multiplication of resources and increased data requires the use of Web services that appear as a solution to ensure interoperability between different resources. They are able to collaborate and share control of process data and information between applications on different platforms. The use of geographic data through Web services shows the geospatial Web Services (GWS). A growing number of GWS designed to interoperate spatial information over the network have emerged. GWS are changing the way in which spatial information systems and applications are designed, developed, and deployed. When GWS is increasing, the difficulty of the service discovery increases too. The service discovery represents one of the interactions between Web service components (supplier, customer and UDDI). It is unfortunately that it is based only on the syntax. The semantic aspect necessary to satisfy the user is absent. The use of semantic Web technology in the Web service discovery phase gives rise to the Web service semantic discovery. The latter is based on semantic reasoning. It enhances the accuracy of search results compared to traditional techniques of Web service discovery, the additional matching accuracy in terms of computing power. In this paper we are interested to the distributed GWS semantic discovery based on geographical metadata held in geo-catalogs. The metadata used in our case is designed according to the ISO 19119 standard reinforced by the quality criteria....
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