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Title: Contribution à la Modélisation de la Machine Asynchrone Triphasée Dédiée au Diagnostic
Authors: GHOGGAL Adel
Issue Date: 7-Jun-2013
Abstract: The aim of this work is to attempt to give an effective contribution in the modelling of three phase induction machines. Such modelling concerns the general behaviours of the machine at transient and steady states, but also, the operational mode under faulty conditions. In fact, our previous practice in this research field has revealed the need for developing a most efficient models or improving a previously elaborated models. Consequently, the new models will allow handling a large range of constructional asymmetries and fault conditions. It is required in such cases to conceive mathematical equivalences related to the treated faults, to expect the integration of various faults separately or jointly in a unique model, to associate with these models satisfactory solutions leading to a fast time processing and to suggest a maximum of choices and alternatives. We begin by the elaboration of a version which has a big similarity to the 2D-MWFA (2D modified winding function approach) based on a linear representation of a part of the machine where the different magnetic flux interact. This version is the origin of various analytical expressions of the inductances calculated with respect to many concerns. ....
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