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Title: Optimisation floue- génétique d'un système de pompage éolien
Authors: Guettaf abderrazak
Keywords: wind energy, induction generator, fuzzy control, MPPT optimization, genetic algorithm, vector control
Issue Date: 8-Jun-2014
Abstract: In our days, wind energy is the cheapest clean energy to produce electricity, which explains the strong enthusiasm for this technology. It is also used to provide energy to isolate d sites like pumping water in fields. In this context, we have assigned our thesis, which examines the modeling and control of a small scale wind pumping system, based on a three phase self-excited induction generator. The optimization fixes as goals both the improvement of the pump flow-r a t e , a n d the maximization of the turbine’s power coefficient. The simulation results show a remarked improvement of the system’s performances while the proposed algorithms are used
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