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Title: نسقية الكتابة وتشكيل المتخيل
Authors: بلخير عقاب
Issue Date: 9-Jun-2014
Abstract: systematic of the writing and the forming of the imagination My these boils down to a search to determine the style of writing that go beyond the limits of the partial view of their work, while wearing his history in the system of words from previous periods, and understand them in the way of accessing the knowledge of their content, and then get the understanding, and correct interpretation of its terms. Moreover, writing it forms and requires its laws, and its conditions is deposited, it is expressed more in the social and cultural status thanks to lector, where it fits and starts in its presumed authority to added is determined, acculturated, have opinions all in activating new acts of writing. Thus, we find that the development and evolution of writing through the ages, it reaches this distinct understanding of levels of writing, and its mode expressions of his age, and also its interaction communities whose ideas and trends are different That's when it is activated in a way it has become a means of input and added, this has concerned various generations. (Creative text for best example of this). On the other hand, writing is a cumulative of humanitarian progress in its entirety, it is his experience and continued existence is beyond the historical facts, cycles and chronic, yet the historical reading is not aware of facts writing if it is caused by a vision that means, examines and adds.
ISSN: 1112-3176
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