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Title: A Comparative Study of the Evaluation Strategies in the LMD and Classic Systems
Authors: Salima Rabehi
Issue Date: 10-Jun-2013
Abstract: The implementation of the new system « LMD » in Algerian higher education is an ambitious project .In the field of foreign language and especially in English, it is of great importance to the teaching/learning process. Indeed, the LMD system introduces new courses that are not given in the classic one at the level of first year classes in particular. In addition, it gives more importance to the continuous/ formative evaluation than the classic one does. Whereas the formative evaluation is optional in the classic system, it is compulsory in the new system. The main question here is to which extent is that evaluation efficient in case that the students are aware of its impact on their success by the end of each course. The major aim of this paper is to examine the validity and effectiveness of the “formative evaluation” in the LMD system.....
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