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Title: مشكلة الإسكان ومؤشـرات الأزمة الحضرية في المجتمعات النامية
Authors: مـلاس, حسيبة
Issue Date: 28-Dec-2013
Abstract: The problem of urban housing is one of the most important issues that concerned with the study and attention by researchers and scholars in the social sciences since the early decades of the previous millennium.But it became a global problem afflicting the poor countries , and about this situation , governments have attempted to develop urban programs that will accomodate the crisis and reduce unplanned growth of cities, which changed its urban morphology and distorted the fabric of adequate housing and suitable for human needs especially in the developing countries. And may be due primarily to inadequate legistation and lock of ability to find radical solutions and effective to the crisis in the steady increase of urban population on one hand , and lack of balance in economic development and urban on the other hand.
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