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Title: Investigate the effects of scientific software Learning and programming in physics and engineering control
Authors: MOHAMMEDI Ferhat
Keywords: Write scripts, files, Matrix Laboratory, computation and visualization, computers
Issue Date: 6-Jul-2014
Abstract: The term learning computer sciences (LCS) refers to an interdisciplinary field that works to further scientific understanding of learning as well as to engage in the design and implementation of learning innovations, and improvement of instructional methodologies. The primary goal of this paper is to enable the reader to generate readable, compact, and verifiably correct Computers programs that obtain numerical solutions to a wide range of physical and empirical models and display the results with fully annotated graphics. While computer programs can be used in many ways, the emphasis here is on building computational models, primarily of physical phenomena (though the techniques can be easily extended to other learning systems). Implications for mathematics curriculum development are explored.
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