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Title: المسؤولية المدنية الناجمة عن التلوث الغذائي دراسة تحليلية مقارنة
Authors: د.إسماعيل نامق حسين
Issue Date: 21-Sep-2014
Abstract: The legislative solutions of contaminated food is not sometimes sufficient because of shortages in providing customers with necessary protection, and sometimes the problem is related to the proper enforcement or to limitation in the purpose for which such legislative solutions were designed. In addition, the participation of more than one person or party in distributing the contaminated food making it difficult to identify the primary reason for the contamination because there are more than one participant. The government is, sometimes, responsible for the damage inflicted by authorizing some companies to produce contaminated food. This study tries to identify the difficulties related to the health issues these bad food can cause based on the relevant legislative solutions and examining the jurisprudential discussions with respect to the subject to guide us to select the most suitable of them.
Description: كلية القانون والسياسة جامعة السليمانية العراق
ISSN: 1112-8623
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