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Title: Une Approche de Spécification des Changements des Besoins Basée Transformation de Graphes
Authors: Khaled Khalfaoui
Keywords: Software product lines, FD, FTS, Verification and Analysis, Graph Transformations, AToM3, BackTracking, Rewriting Logic, Maude
Issue Date: 25-Oct-2014
Abstract: Software product line is a recent discipline in software engineering. It is an adaptation of the principle of production chains in developing computer applications. It mainly intends to rationalize the process of developing highly similar systems by a strategic and planned software reuse beforehand. The major contribution of this paradigm is the introduction of a reference architecture allowing the management of the variability. It provides a framework for developing reusable components and ensures their appropriate incorporation. For each product, it is used as an assembly guide and personalization of necessary artifacts according to its specific needs. This discipline has a great success in terms of productivity, but significant efforts related to the management of variability must be considered. In the context of this thesis, we are particularly interested in the automatic analysis of FD and FTS models. The FD diagram is a widely used formalism for the structural specification of the products. It is a tree specifying the features and their dependencies. FTS formalism is used for behavioral specification. It is a parameterized transition system wherein these transitions are labelled with the characteristics of an FD diagram besides being marked with actions. It is instantiated differently for each product according to the required characteristics. We present three contributions. The first two ones allow the generation of all structurally valid products from the FD diagram. One is based on the integration of Backtracking in the research process, while the other proceeds by a progressive construction of partial configurations. The third contribution allows behavioural analysis of products modelled by FTS. The properties verification is performed on the basis on the rewriting logic and more exactly the Maude language. The proposed techniques are set up based on the graph transformations approach and the developed grammars are implemented using AToM3 environment.
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