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Title: Comparaison des Modèles d'Arc en Retour d'un Coup de Foudre en Présence d'une Tour
Authors: M’ZIOU, Nassima
Issue Date: 11-Nov-2013
Abstract: The electromagnetic disturbances produced by a love at first sight constitute a permanent danger to any electric or electronic system. In this work we modeled the current of the arcback to the presence of a high object (turn) thus a comparison between the five models of the engineer which are: BG, TCS, TL, MTLL, MTLE. This work is made up d' a theoretical study on the phenomenon of the lightning and the various models of the engineer initiated of ground in order to model the current of the arcback to the presence of a tower and a simulation where the model of Rachidi is used. The result obtained d' after this study is that the presence of the tower influences considerably the distribution of the current along the tower and the channel of the lightning. This influence appears in the distortion of the current which is explained by the reflexion of the current at the two ends of the tower as well as the current currency at the top of turn and circulates at same the moments with two different speeds: the speed v in the channel of the lightning and speed of light in the tower.
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