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Title: american foreig policy and democracy promotion in the middle east after 11 september
Authors: samir boulifa
Keywords: United States, Middle East, US Foreign Policy, Democracy Promotion, Ideals and Ideology, International Relations, 11 September 2001.
Issue Date: 30-Nov-2014
Abstract: Abstract It may not be an exaggeration to claim that no other foreign policy matter could be crucial than the issue of American foreign policy towards the Middle East. It is a relation overwhelmed by ideals and ideology. Ideals represent the ideas of democracy, liberty and human rights; whereas ideology represents power maximization, interests, national security and hegemony. The crucially bears in conducting a foreign policy that marries between both: ideals and ideology, soft power and hard power. Much has been written on US foreign policy towards the Middle East after the attacks of 11 September 2001.Democracy promotion in the Middle East has had an over exposure after the events. This dissertation explores the US democracy promotion post 9/11 and the degree of its genuineness. It draws on insights from international relations theory to illustrate the broader context of US foreign policy towards the region and to assess its impact. It states the crucial issues that command USA foreign policy towards the Middle East. It outlines the changes that occurred following the attacks and the rise of Neocons theories and the role of culture and identity in the foreign policy. It also highlights the changes that have happened with Obama's Administration. Finally, it addresses the developments in the region with the recent upheavals against namely post-colonial regimes with a brief reference to the foreseen shape of U.S foreign policy towards the democratic change in the region in the coming era.
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