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Title: the contribution of Immigration to the Economic Power: Immigration as a Condition of human Success.
Authors: Kermiche Samah
Keywords: immigration- immigrants- success- the American economy.
Issue Date: 30-Nov-2014
Abstract: We try through this study to find a relationship between immigration to the United States and its success as a nation and economy. The New World witnessed a continuous process of immigration which started from its discovery by Cristopher Columbus till the present time. Immigration was the cornerstone of the making of America, it shaped its history and became one of its fundamental characteristics which led it to be what it is today. In this investigation, we will try to answer the following question : is immigration an act of success in the American economy? Immigration to the United States represents its whole history, immigrants moved to the New World from all over the world during different periods of time because of religious, political, and economic reasons. Those different newcomers wanted to improve their lives and hoped for better future for their children. They could coexist despite all their differences and they succeeded in creating an exceptional and powerful nation. The United States becomes a great nation with a powerful economy thanks to immigrants who are a basic ingredient of its economy. In this country, immigrants represent the labor force, they have also a great influence on the labor market, wages, and taxation. Thus, we can say that the United States benefited from the immigration process economically. This benefit pushed the American government to reform the immigration system rather than to prevent it despite all its problems and this proves the validity of this hypothesis.
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