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Title: the Role and the Influence of the American Jewish Lobby on The Middle East crisis (Palestine case) 1897 to 2000
Authors: Hamadou Marwa
Issue Date: 30-Nov-2014
Abstract: This research examines a subject that has been increasingly talked about for many years in terms of its dimensions, justifications and timing. Wetackledtheroles and influences of the American Jewish lobby on the Middle East Crisis, more precisely the Palestinian-Israeli conflict; we have limited this research between 1897 and 2000. This research deals at first with the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, starting with the reasons that caused this crisis and how it shaped through the years. Then we moved to the Jewish lobby, a detailed explanation about its presence in the USA and how it was created. At the end we described its role in the USelection processes and the extent of influence of the Jewish financeand media on US decision making, in addition to its influence on the Middle East and specially Palestine.Finally we concluded that there is a real effect of the Jewish lobby on the US strategically decisionmaking especially the ones with great national importance for the USA and the reason behind this effect is to support Israel and displace the Palestinians from their land.
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