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Title: The Image of a Successful 19 th century American Western Woman in Willa Cather Work :O'Pioneers
Authors: Saouthi Radia
Issue Date: 30-Nov-2014
Abstract: The primary element in learning a language is the acquisition of the vocabulary and the practice in using it. There are many factors which affect the progress level of learning foreign language process; among these, the perception of learning strategies so all participants in this process have to be aware about them and we need to investigate the extent of the awareness of these strategies that can results the achievement of their goals, i.e. improving students’ perception has important and positive implications for students’ academic development. This research work aim is to investigate teachers’ and students’ perception about learning strategies of foreign language learners as a means to improve their learning outcomes. The intention of this study is to find out the teacher‘s and learners’ beliefs, awareness and knowledge of learning vocabulary strategies at the department of Foreign Languages. In this respect, we relied on two main hypotheses, if learners’ perceptions about vocabulary learning strategies are positive, they will improve their language skills as well as their communicative abilities; if teachers beliefs about teaching learning strategies are positive, their practice will be effective. To confirm or reject these hypotheses, the study was conducted through the descriptive method, and data was gathered by designing two questionnaires to two representative samples of first year teachers and student of English at the department of Foreign Languages at Biskra University. The results showed that the majority of the teachers do know learning strategies and vocabulary learning strategies. Teachers are not aware of the importance of vocabulary and vocabulary learning strategies and those vocabulary strategies are not integrated in the curriculum of the section of English. In addition to that, students of first year claimed that they know learning strategies which were taught to them in the module of study skills but not vocabulary strategies in particular. However, we recommend that both vocabulary and learning strategies should be introduced in the curriculum of English as a part of many modules such as oral expression and study skills. III
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