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Title: The role of teacher's feedback in improving English as a foreing language learners' Oral performance
Authors: Bouraya Wafa
Issue Date: 30-Nov-2014
Abstract: The core of our research is the enlightenment on one of the most important technique in teaching EFL which is teacher’s feedback. Our study emphasizes on its effect on the EFL learners’ oral production, and therefore, on the effectiveness of their learning. The present study is based on the hypothesis which states that undertaking the teacher’s feedback would be a motivator that encourages EFL learners to overcome their obstacles and to improve their oral performance for a good production. It aims at encouraging EFL teachers to use the feedback as a correction’s form in order to overlap EFL learners’ hinders, correct their learners’ committed errors and to improve their speaking performance, and identifying the EFL learners’ reactions towards their teacher’feedback, their preferences to the type of feedback they would like their teacher to provide them with, in addition to the preferable ways on how their teacher should correct errors. In order to achieve these objectives, we use two main data gathering tools. First, questionnaire is administered to second year LMD students at Biskra University to obtain insights about their teacher’s feedback and its form, about their preferences of the feedback’s placement and types. Second, interview is done for oral expression course teachers of second year students at Biskra University to get opinions about their learners’ errors and obstacles when speaking, about the different techniques used in providing feedback, and about the effectiveness of the feedback. The results of the students’ questionnaire and the teachers’ interview showed that the EFL students face a lot of errors during their speech and the teacher should correct these errors by giving feedback. It can be effective at the end of the oral production through giving advice or suggestions rather than criticism. Moreover, the feedback is a helpful technique to enhance EFL learners’ speaking production.
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