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Title: Cooperative Learning Strategies in Enhancing Students' Writing Proficiency
Authors: AbdelKarim Aicha
Issue Date: 30-Nov-2014
Abstract: This research work investigates the effect of using cooperative learning as a strategy in enhancing students’ level of English language writing, it aims to determine whether the students writing ability would be improved by using this strategy. To give consistency to the study, two questionnaires plus a test have been submitted to a sample composed of a group of second year LMD students of English, and a group of teachers from the teachers of the department. The aim of the questionnaires is to get information about the role and the importance given to cooperative learning by both the students and teachers in developing writing skill and their attitude toward using cooperative learning as strategy to enhance writing skill in classroom. The results have shown that cooperative learning is the appropriate strategies that increase students writing proficiency. Moreover, the result of the questionnaires and the test confirmed the hypothesis that the students have a positive attitude toward using CL as a strategy to develop their writing ,and that the CL is the right technique that develop students writing skill and create a good climate in classroom where students can participate without fear of making mistake.
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