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Title: Stuttering and Language Learning: a Tentative Remedial Procedure for EFL Learners
Authors: Kadri AbdelKader
Issue Date: 30-Nov-2014
Abstract: This study aims at providing learners of a second language who have a stutter with some helpful procedures and approaches of therapy. First, hypothesizing that it is likely to be a psychological more than a physiological phenomenon, we have gathered information from different sources on the nature of stuttering. Second, we have presented important psychological and physiological approaches of therapy believing that both approaches are crucial to treatment. In addition, we have studied some of the treatment procedures that may help learners who stutter to do presentations and interact more easily with the teacher and classmates. Third, our field of investigation involves analysis of a questionnaire and data gathered from an observation of an actual speech therapy session. Both tools of data collection have contributed to providing significant information on the nature of stuttering and self- therapy. As far as second language learners who stutter are concerned, we have discussed the importance of focusing on the speaking skill and using the language as much as possible. Finally, some interacting recommendations have been suggested to lessen or even solve the problem of stuttering that affects some second language learners at university level.
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