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Title: Importance of Formative Assessment in developing Students' Writing Achievement
Authors: Douniazed Bouzidi
Issue Date: 30-Nov-2014
Abstract: Both teaching and learning writing are considered complex. However, students who continuously receive feedback from either the teacher or their peers may produce adequate pieces of writing. This is not the case of most of the Algerian secondary school learners who arrive to the university unable to write effectively. This research aims to study the importance of formative assessment and formative feedback in enhancing students` writing skill. Therefore, we aimed at finding out the teacher’s role during the writing process. We further attempted to investigate the effectiveness of formative feedback in developing learners’ composition. In order to reach the aforementioned objectives, we relied on two reseach tools: an interview and a questionnaire. The interview was administered to teachers of written expression to identify their role during the course of teaching writing and most importantly identify the different methods and strategies that are used to facilitate the writing task. The questionnaire was administered to second year students of English at Biskra University. It aimed at finding out students’ attitudes towards the writing skill and their views towards the idea of receiving feedback during instruction. The questionnaire analysis showed that the participants were aware of the need and the importance of feedback in writing and in shaping their language development. In addition, the analysis showed their positive attitudes towards their teachers’ formative feedback during instruction. Furthermore, the results of the interview revealed that teachers’ emphasis on the importance of feedback to develop their students` production during the instruction depends on students’ needs and abilities. Constructive Formative feedback enables learners to develop their written production during the writing process.
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