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Title: The Impact of Using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Teaching 'EFL' Learners
Authors: Moustari Soumia
Issue Date: 2-Dec-2014
Abstract: With the current trend in our daily activities, the use of technology is no doubt has created positive impacts in our life. It speeds up information transfer, enables faster processes as well as creates enjoyable and fun learning atmosphere. Traditionally, the teaching and learning of language are done only between a teacher and students, typically, a teacher will disseminate his or her knowledge verbally and perhaps will scribble or write down notes on whiteboards, whereas students will listen and take notes without questioning even though the class is boring. However, with the invention of technology such as computer, internet and video camera, learning is no longer a linear process. It is used to enhance students‟ interest and involvement in the learning process. Technology is believed to be able to make students respond positively in a language classroom. Therefore, the present research work is an attempt to examine the role that Information and Communication Technology (ICT), as the teaching tool in the English course, might have in teaching EFL learners. Three research tools (questionnaire for teachers, interview for pupils and an experiment) were used to investigate this topic. The results obtained have shown that using ICT tools in teaching EFL learners revealed to be very successful. The pupils who were taught, English, using ICT equipments achieved better progress than the pupils who were taught in the traditional way. The experimental results led us assert the significance of ICT in the language classroom and of the positive impact of using it on pupils‟ achievement in English. It offers a relaxing atmosphere, enhance language activities and develop the students' participation in the classroom.
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