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Title: The Current Situation of English for Specific Purposes courses at University Level: Analysis, Evaluation and perspectives.
Authors: Wafa Ouarniki
Issue Date: 2-Dec-2014
Abstract: The crucial problem encountered in teaching English for Specific Purposes at the university level is first in the misconception of the term ESP and second in the application of the ESP course. Our observation led us to wonder whether English teaching at the higher level of education obeys any strategy of predetermined objectives. The present work aimed at understanding teachers‘ conception of the term ESP, analyzing the ESP courses at the department of architecture as a case study, identifying students‘ needs and finally designing sample lectures that best meet those needs. This work attempted to show that the application of some strategies of predetermined objectives would better enhance the students‘ achievement in learning English for Specific Purposes. It would also serve teachers to better understand ESP, conduct needs analysis and design lectures that satisfy their students‘ needs. The research investigation was conducted with the students of fourth year fulfilling the requirements of scientific methodology. The most important outcomes were an objective and precise evaluation of the actual ESP course at the department of architecture and consequently the elaboration of a number of lectures that hopefully would improve the teaching of ESP at the department of architecture along with some very significant recommendations
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