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Title: An Overall Evaluation of "On The Move" Textbook Activities by EFL Teachers
Authors: Mimouna Guellali
Issue Date: 2-Dec-2014
Abstract: The present research attempted to examine and evaluate the suitability of the textbook ‘On The Move’ activities used in the fourth year of middle school in Algeria. This evaluation aimed at achieving insights into teachers’ and learners' perceptions of the textbook activities and to explore whether they serve the pupils' expectations in relation to the objectives of the textbook and their primary objectives, and whether the teachers appreciate the textbook in use. The evaluation or the analysis of some of the textbook activities focused on the strengths and weaknesses of the textbook itself. Those chosen activities are analysed according to a variety of frameworks. The extent to which the textbook activities in use meet the aims of the learning and teaching processes in classroom was also considered. In order to situate the above analysis, questionnaire had been submitted to teachers and learners for gathering the necessary data about the content of the textbook and the nature activities. The results revealed that despite the good organization of the textbook content and activities, it does not completely suit the teachers' and the pupils' expectations and their learning/ teaching goals.
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