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Title: US Media Response to 9/11 Attacks and the War on Terror
Authors: Nadia Chergui
Issue Date: 2-Dec-2014
Abstract: The present study deals with the US media and their response towards 9/11 attacks, and the war on terror. It is believed that the USA has incredible media that have the power to change the minds of people easily. After 9/11 attacks, the American media have played a great role in changing, not only the opinions of the Americans, but also the opinions of the whole world towards the Islamic world in a negative way. Bush administration tried to use and manipulate the media to convince the people that Muslims are terrorists. The present dissertation aims at investigating the role of the media by giving such bad idea on Muslims and the Middle East. We divided this work into three chapters; in the first one, we state the most influenced political media on the American society. Moreover, we indicated some those media responses toward the September 11th attacks. Also, we mentioned the responses of both the Americans and some thinkers like Chomsky about these events. At last, we focus on the world after the attacks. In addition to what have been mentioned before, we try to demonstrate the extent to which the American media propaganda was subjective, in order to give the green light to Bush to declare war on the Middle East. Finally, during the phases of this work, we tried to show the strength that the American media possess in order to shape the public opinion.
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