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Title: Exploring the Effects of the Teachers' Motivational Strategies on the Learners' Communicative Proficiency
Authors: Siham Foura
Issue Date: 2-Dec-2014
Abstract: This dissertation is an attempt to explore the effects of the teachers’ motivational strategies on the learners’ communicative proficiency. In this study, we aim at identifying the most appropriate motivational strategies used by the teachers to enhance their learners’ performance in the foreign language classrooms. Besides, we have emphasized on describing their effects on the learners’ communicative level. The results of the questionnaires reveal that there are a number of motivational strategies applied by the teachers inside the classroom. Also, it reveals that the learners’ communicative proficiency is developed according to the efficiency of the teachers’ motivational strategies. Ultimately, the present research intends to propose some speaking activities such as: Role play, discussion, storytelling…etc, and techniques that will assist teachers in improving their learners’ participation and in lowering the learners’ anxiety in order to achieve the learning/teaching goals.
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