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Title: The Role of the Process Approach in Improving Learners' Writing Skill
Authors: Leila Loucif
Issue Date: 2-Dec-2014
Abstract: The present study focuses on the role of the process approach in improving learners’ writing skill. As we know, writing skill is one of the most difficult skills among the language four skills. In order to reduce the difficulties encountered in writing by the learners, we attempt to investigate to which extent the process approach can help students to improve their writing abilities. The main objectives then is to explore teachers’ awareness and knowledge about the effectiveness of adopting the process approach in teaching writing as a means of improving students’ writing skill.In order to reach this aim, we designed two questionnaires. One was administered to the students and another one to teachers. The first questionnaire consists of seventeen items and was administered to one hundred second year LMD students at the department of foreign languages, branch of English, Mohammed Kheider University. The second questionnaire contained twenty-one questions and was distributed to seven teachers of the written expression module. The results obtained from the two questionnaires have shown that the process approach is an efficient teaching tool in the written expression course and can really improve learners’ written production. We also found out that despite its efficiency most students’ still do not follow the sequence of planning, drafting, editing and revising. III
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