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Title: An Investigation of Managing Large Size Classes
Authors: BenGuega Ali
Issue Date: 2-Dec-2014
Abstract: The aim behind this present dissertation is to investigate the main problems of managing large size English teaching classes. This study focuses particularly on the problems that being faced by both teachers and students while teaching-learning process and the methods that teacher should use in those large size classes. We hypothesise that if we teach English in a large size class then, both teachers and students will face problems while managing the classroom. The study was mainly conducted to ten (10) teachers and one-hundred (100) first level students at Department of English at Biskra University. The research was both qualitative as well as quantitative. Two types of questionnaires were designed; one for the teachers and other for the students. These questionnaires served as reliable instruments for the study. All the participants responded positively and showed 100 % of interest. The obtained data were analysed through descriptive analysis which is significant for analysing the nominal data. The results of this study showed the main problems being faced in the management of large size English language teaching first level classes including discipline, individual attention, especially, towards the weak students, teacher-student relationship, and the need for adoption of modern teaching aids, in addition to the methods and techniques that should be applied while teaching those classes. Furthermore, the research gave some recommendations as well.
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