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Title: The conditions and the Circumstances that Led to the Writting of the American Contstitution
Authors: Halima Saadia Djebbabri
Issue Date: 2-Dec-2014
Abstract: The present work is in the political field of America, it is about the conditions and the circumstances that led to the writing of the American Constitution. i.e. the problems which made the Americans change their political system. This work illustrates the reasons that led to create a new written document, which is the Constitution. The emergence of the American Constitution witnessed several problems that America faced during the Revolutionary War. After the Declaration of Independence, the Thirteen American States regarded themselves as independent states and not part of the British Empire. They wanted to work and to act without the help of external countries. In 1781, a new written document was adopted and was called the Articles of Confederation. The Congress used that document to manage the early government of the United States. Also, Americans found it so weak and it could not protect them from any settlement or to protect their business affairs. Then, the Congress and the delegates of the Thirteen States made some conventions to solve that problem and they could prepare another document which was the Constitution of the United States. In addition, it emitted some objections as the federalist and Anti-Federalist groups. Moreover, some problems appeared during the ratifying of the Constitution, as an example; the separation of power, the issue of slavery and the individual rights. Besides, after the ratifying of the constitution and during its developments, it had been added several amendments to it. The Americans demanded the adding of the Bill of Rights and other amendments such as: prohibition of Slavery, granting women the right to vote, bear arms …etc
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