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Title: The Impact of Effective Classroom Management in Enhancing Students Speaking Skill: The Case of Second Year LMD Students -University of Biskra
Authors: BENMOUSSA Rawya
Issue Date: 2-Dec-2014
Abstract: This study aims at analyzing the awareness of a sample of students and teachers of the problems that arise from neglecting the importance of classroom management in enhancing students speaking skill to second year LMD students at Mohamed Khidher University of Biskra. It has been hypothesized that if EFL teachers of English manage effectively their classrooms, they will assist students for improving their speaking skill, also if teachers play their roles effectively, the learners will interact in the class; as well as, if the Universities Administrations and students are aware of the importance of classroom management in enhancing students’ speaking skill, they will integrate together with teachers in the enhancement of their speaking. To evaluate this, we conduct an observation method and questionnaire which is divided into two kinds of questionnaires; the students’ questionnaire and the teachers’ questionnaire. The first one is composed of thirty-one questions administered to fifty second year English LMD students at Biskra University. The second one conducted of twenty-six questions administered to seven teachers’ of Oral Expression of second year English LMD students at the same University during the academic year 2011-2012. The observation method takes place on the second semester of the same academic year in which we attempt to take some notes about the teachers’ strategies and methods in controlling his/her classrooms and to see the reaction of students to the teachers’ methods. So, it is found that the teachers, University administration and even students of English as a foreign language should pay considerable attention to effective management of their classrooms in order to improve students’ speaking ability.
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