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Title: Teachers’ Role in Enhancing Listening Skill: Case Study of Second Year LMD-University of Biskra
Authors: Sabah BADI
Issue Date: 2-Dec-2014
Abstract: The study has been designed to emphasize the role of EFL teachers as the prominent factor in enhancing students' achievement in listening skill. The research developed under the question how EFL teachers could enhance students' achievement in listening skill. This study aims to highlight EFL teachers' use of teaching techniques, materials, and teaching strategies to enhance students listening skill. The use of questionnaire, classroom observation, considered as a tool of investigation. The questionnaire designed for EFL teachers at Biskra University. However, the observation took place in second year LMD at Biskra University. Taking a good overview about listening skill considered as one of the research results. In addition, the results of the practical part which ended by providing us that EFL teacher at Biskra University have the capacities and qualification to teach listening skill, but they do not give listening skill its importance as the other skills.
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