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Title: The student awareness of writing skill The case study third year students at Biskra University
Issue Date: 2-Dec-2014
Abstract: Writing in a foreign language is one of the most challenging and complex tasks for language learners. It is a difficult skill that requires considerable effort and practice on the learners’ part to reach an acceptable level of writing. Due to the complexity of this skill, many students find it very difficult to produce an adequate piece of writing. This dissertation attempts to identify the student’s lack of awareness of the different writing stages. .Since writing is a process made up of several steps, this paper seeks to determine the extent to which students are aware of the writing stages and whether this awareness could lead to better achievement. We hypothesize that the student difficulties in writing skills might be due their lack of the awareness of the different writing stages. To check the validity of this hypothesis, we will conduct a questionnaire with 42 third year LMD science of languages and 10 teachers of English in the department of arts and languages, university of Biskra. The students and teachers answers will be analyzed and then evaluated to find out the relationship between students lack of awareness of the stages of the writing process and their achievement.
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